A Narrative in Flux Releasing October 15th

September 8, 2019 · 2 minute read

UPDATE 10/15/19: A Narrative in Flux has been released!

The first book to be published by Story Influx Press is Cori H. Spenzich’s debut novel, A Narrative in Flux, with illustrations by Nicolae Negura.

A Narrative in Flux

A Narrative in Flux is a surreal journey into the stories we tell ourselves of how we come to be who we are, what we revise to avoid the weight of the past, and the embracing or rejection of paths toward redemption.

Back Cover Synopsis

Adam has been seeking spiritual enlightenment in a remote cabin until an unannounced visitor abruptly walks through his front door. The man says he knows about Adam’s daughter, but won’t give a clear answer why he’s there.

What does he know?

What does he want?

The man gives tangents without answers, and he refuses to leave. But now the cabin won’t let Adam go, and the very foundations of his home are mutating into something else entirely.

“Adam entertains a disheveled stranger named Glenn in his home. In return, Glenn entertains Adam with fantastic tales about an investigation into a cult that goes bad, a troop of knights seeking a cure for a plague, a boy bargaining for an angel’s feather and a man being dragged through a singular afterlife. At first, the stories seem to be about separating Adam from his religious faith. But as the night goes on, Adam is left questioning his sanity as much as his spirituality.” – Colin Newton, IndieReader

Rated 4.7 out of 5 Stars

IndieReader Approved

Read the full review by Colin Newton of IndieReader

Esoteric without being inaccessible, A NARRATIVE IN FLUX provides readers with thoughtful thrills in a smoothly written and intriguingly surreal book.

Launch Details

A Narrative in Flux will be available, October 15th, 2019 for purchase in paperback directly from:

The ebook will also be available for purchase on:

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